Drenusha Xharra is a fashion designer based in Pristina, Kosovo. With a high purpose of expressing her bold and feminine side into her creations, making whoever wears them feel the same way.

She graduated her studies in Fashion Design at Akademia Evolucion in 2012, and after a year she decided to open her own Atelier in the heart of Pristina.

As a business, it started on May 1 2013 with simply one seamstress and the designer herself. Now she has more than fifteen professional workers and interns, all of them are hard working young males and females.

In the beginning, her creations were available only customized, but now Drenusha Xharra is internationally known and every piece can be ordered worldwide in standard size and customized as the customer pleases, here on website or contact one of our sales agents to be more specific about their purchase.

Drenusha Xharra Atelier is filled with designs that are professionally tailored all with beautiful and extravagant styles, where every sensual and luxurious woman can find herself in any of them.

Drenusha Xharra   / CEO